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The Program Lead position exists to assist in the implementation of the summer camp program.


This is accomplished by managing the daily schedule (ringing the bell, directing guests, supervising campers, daily/nightly cabin checks, chapel sessions management, free-time activities, etc.).


PL’s must be problem solvers as they are the first point of contact in meeting the needs of guest campers and church leadership.

*Room and Board Included



The Summer Counseling Staff Position exists to provide individual campers with a cabin counselor for the week.


The SCS will stay in a cabin of students in order to serve as a Christian mentor and to facilitate their week of camp (attend counselor meetings, accompany cabin to all activities, lead cabin in Bible devotions).


SCS must display a vibrant faith and relate well to junior high and high school students.

*Room and Board Included



The Program Activities position exists to bring excellence to the “on-stage” ministry of camp.


Program Activities staff host morning and evening chapels, by running stage games and facilitating transitions between band and speaker, as well as leading various activities and tournaments throughout the week.


Program Activities staff must have confidence using a microphone in front of large groups and be able to articulate the Gospel.

*Room and Board Included



The Band Member is part of a four person band that will play for nine chapels per camp throughout the summer camp season.


Band member must be an accomplished musician with experience leading others in worship services. Band must work well with other departments including program and AV and will perform other program related duties when not in chapels. 

*Room and Board Included


At Thousand Pines Christian Camp, our vision is to see every person positively changed through extraordinary experiences. That includes our staff! Creating opportunities for relational, character, and spiritual development, camp is more than a job, it's a community. We strive to exceed the expectations of our staff and guests through serving, caring, and loving at every opportunity.

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