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Thousand Pines is a 501(c)(3) and all donations are tax-deductible including, cash, stock, equipment, materials, and even vehicles! Thank you so much for your support!

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3/17 Update

Hello Thousand Pines family,


We’re so thankful that we have made it through the worst of the blizzard and we are beginning the process of recovering, assessing and repairing. Our team has come together and made sure that the guests we had on property during the storm made it out safely and were well taken care of. We have been able to serve the community through food distribution, shoveling driveways for the elderly and partnering with San Bernardino County to provide support and emergency shelter for some local citizens.


We plan to reopen on Monday, March 20th to welcome back schools to our Outdoor Science Program and resume hosting weekend groups. 


Despite ongoing efforts during the storm, including removing snow from roofs, we still received significant damage to camp. The blizzard brought over 8 feet of snow and ice and was declared a federal state of emergency. We’ve lost legacy cabins that were over 100 years old, a staff residence, a yurt, woodshed, several shade structures and had damage to roads, fencing and signage. We’ll also continue to feel the impact of the storm in reduced camper capacity - we know we’ve lost 48 beds and that number may rise as more buildings are inspected. We are working with insurance in hopes to recoup as much as possible. We still have a long way to go to get back to full operating capacity. 


Thank you for your encouragement, prayers, and support through this time. So many of you have reached out near and far with connections to this ministry - it has been such an encouragement to our team to see so many familiar names sending comments, messages, and gifts. Please continue to join us in prayer as we look for solutions to replace buildings, beds and business that we’ve lost. We are hopeful that we can reach operating capacity as soon as possible as we approach our peak ministry season. Would you consider partnering with us in our Blizzard Relief and Recovery efforts?  Your support will help restore the ministry at Thousand Pines. You can give here.


With faith and hope in all God has in store for us in this season of restoration,


-The Thousand Pines Team


P.s. Every dollar you give will bring us 1 step closer to opening for Summer 2023 at full capacity and helping more people See, Know and Experience God! Thank you for your support!


3/8 Update

We want to thank you for your prayers and support. We have friends and ministry supporters praying for the camp and mountain communities nationwide! We are starting to receive generous support for Blizzard Relief and Recovery. We have lost structures from the storm including a staff residence and Cabin 2. Thankfully, all staff and guests are safe! We are seeing God's protection and favor over and over in this storm. 

While we've been working on digging out the camp, we've also been able to help with food distribution to the community.  We have been able to access and assess all our buildings and are hopeful that we can be operational for guests by March 20th. We plan to begin the necessary demolition, rebuilding, and repairs in April. 


We are still in need of resources for snow removal equipment. We desperately need a new loader and will be renting one for now. 


Thank you again for your support, keep the prayers coming! God is moving here and will continue to protect and sustain His ministry!


3/4 Update

Dear Ministry Partners,
The SoCal blizzard of 2023 has brought Thousand Pines and our neighboring communities over 100” (8.3 feet) of snow. Our area has been declared a local state of emergency. We continue to uncover more needs for relief as we are able to access more of the Thousand Pines property. Multiple structures including homes have been compromised despite our ongoing efforts to clear roofs and gain access to more of the property. We have not been able to assess all the buildings yet. Our resources are stretched and limited.


All snowed-in guests were safely escorted from the property on Monday during a break in the storm. Praise God for seeing us safely through many dangers of this storm!

As an active part of our mountain community, Thousand Pines and Lake Gregory staff have been coordinating around the clock with officials and businesses to aid the relief efforts to the community of Crestline. We are also currently a helicopter landing site for emergency supplies.

The Lord is protecting and working through our teams, and we are blessed to have power and heat at the camp. Hallelujah!  

We’ve received requests on how to help.  Please join us in prayer for continued safety and well being of the the staff and camp, aid for our community including road clearing and access for food, medicines, and supplies.  If you’d like to give financially you can do so here.

Our greatest financial need currently is resources for food, aging snow removal equipment (we need a new loader), and repairs.


We are thankful for all God has done in this place and all that He will continue to do,


-The Thousand Pines Team



111 students made it home safely,
after being snowed in at camp
during the Blizzard.
Watch the 
Video Here.

Thousand Pines is a 501(c)(3) and all donations are tax-deductible including, cash, stock, equipment, materials, and even vehicles! Thank you so much for your support!

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