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Be a part of the change

Each year thousands of campers come to retreat at Thousand Pines. Some guests arrive at camp with excitement and joy in the Lord, while others arrive with confusion and heavy hearts. Many arrive not knowing the peace of our Lord and Heavenly Father at all. We cherish each and every camper, and our mission is to help them "see, know, and experience God" in the short time they stay with us. We typically only get to have a few days in the campers’ lives. And we want to do everything we can so that in that time, their lives will be impacted.


​Our goal is to have the camp experience provide peace, hope, and joy in the Lord. That is why we are so excited to tell you that each year we see more guests than the year before! Over 30,000 campers come to Thousand Pines annually.

​Our newest project, the Welcome Center, is designed to accommodate our ever-growing numbers. We would love to invite you to partner with us on this extraordinary campaign.


Permits and Plans

Goal: $40,000


Parking and Roadways

Goal: $300,000


The Welcome Center

Goal: $100,000

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