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Our Program

Thousand Pines Outdoor Science School offers four and five-day programs where students focus on Next Generation Science Standards in the outdoor classroom of the San Bernardino National Forest.


Our program meets California state standards with excellence while catering to fifth and sixth-grade students from public and private schools. Studies in botany, geology, astronomy, ecology and other lessons are brought to life by experienced staff on our many scenic trails. In addition to academics, students will walk away with greater skills in communication, cooperation, social skills, and self-reliance. Staff lead students with positive reinforcement to assist in team-building activities and encourage some who may be away from home for the first time.

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Outdoor Education



​Our program provides a balanced approach to building an outstanding educational experience for students.


by utilizing our National Forest as a tool for hands-on activities. Students will journal nature and wildlife experiences while learning how to implement sustainability into daily life to protect and conserve for the future.


by completing challenge courses and group activities, and seeing first-hand how to manage new situations in a fresh environment.


up close how it feels to encounter wildlife, the positive effects of healthy bonds and camaraderie with classmates in the cabin and the Dining Hall.

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