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Outdoor Education is flourishing because of our great staff members who have excellent attitudes. Those staff members are influencing our teachers and our students to know that there is something different about Thousand Pines. Genesis Account alone will host over 700 students this year who will hear and see how science reveals God in His creation. Those students will have adult chaperones who may also hear these truths for the first time. Genesis Account will operate at six camps this spring, including our Ponderosa outpost camp.

Our students will learn about God's creation through our hikes and science lessons. Students will grow through the rock wall, team-building, and being away from home for the first time. They will experience the outdoors, and we have lots of outdoors. We've had plenty of snow this year already, and that's been a first for many kids and even a few adults. We're still cleaning up trails from the Thanksgiving storm but thankful for the beauty the snow brings.

"For since the creation of the world God's invisible qualities--

his eternal power and divine nature— have been clearly seen,

being understood from what has been made,

so that people are without excuse."

- Romans 1:20


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