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Strengthening Family Bonds: The Power of Family Camps at Thousand Pines

What is Family Camp?

Family Camp is something that many camps and conference centers have begun offering. These camps give families the chance to come together and experience all that camp has to offer, through a program designed to strengthen the family’s connection, activities for all age groups, teachings that are applicable to all, and of course, a fun experience!

Family at Family Camp
Thousand Pines Family Camp

At Thousand Pines, we have the privilege of offering 2 family camps - one during the Spring and another during the Fall. These programs are designed with the entire family in mind.

What does a weekend at family camp look like?

Not all of our programs are exactly the same, but the offerings are generally similar every year!

When you first arrive at camp, you’re greeted by our team, there will be a time to check-in, and then we’ll all have our first meal together! This is an awesome time to meet other families who will be there, reconnect with old friends, and catch up! Usually, after dinner, there will be a time of worship and then some free time to try out some of the activities or visit the shops around camp.

Woman teaching a science show at family camp
Fall Family Camp Science Show

The next two days are the full action-packed Thousand Pines family camp experience. There are usually different times for chapel throughout the day, some sort of presentation or show (at Fall Family Camp, we had a science show!), free time, often there is a night activity (like a carnival at Spring Family Camp), and more free time!

The days are filled with so much fun and lots of different activities. At Thousand Pines, we offer so many opportunities for outdoor adventure. Some of our offerings are disc golf, archery, rock climbing, a pool, an art shop, basketball, ropes courses, and more! We also have our own coffee shop and snack shop on-site in the main part of camp.

Whether you want to spend your weekend relaxing or trying lots of new things - we’ve got you covered!

Strengthening Family Unity

Family camp is not only a time to have a blast - but it is also a time to get away from the business of life to reconnect with your family. Most people’s everyday lives are jam-packed with work, school, after-school activities, and more. Coming to family camp gives you the chance to come up to the mountains and focus on the family, strengthen your relationships with each other, and strengthen your relationship with God.

We provide time for you to connect with one another, rest, and just get to have fun together. Whether you’re teaching your kids how to shoot a bow and arrow or painting together in the art shop - there are plenty of times for you to connect and try new things together.

Here at Thousand Pines, it is our mission to help people see, know and experience God. Through our family camps, we give guests the opportunity to do that together, spend time together, and have a blast.

We hope you’ll consider bringing your family up to the mountains for our next family camp! Spring Family Camp is on Memorial Day weekend, and Fall Family Camp is on Labor Day weekend. We’ll see you soon!


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