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The Kineo Institute at Thousand Pines Christian Camp is a unique Christian gap year program for young adults. It uniquely merges several different elements to create the best environment to learn and grow. The all-immersive tactic allows for better progression and teaching of students as they are equipped to follow Jesus passionately, prepared for life, challenged to live in a deep community together, and trained to set the course for life beyond this 8-month program. Thousand Pines Kineo Institute Gap Year program should not be viewed as "a year off" but "a year up." It is a set aside time to refocus and prepare for the rest of the student's life.

Kineo is an 8-month discipleship/internship program rooted in intentional community, camp internships, ministry projects, discipleship, and Biblical training.

The Kineo Institute seeks to equip students in these areas to build the necessary foundation to live as a disciple of Jesus Christ. The Kineo team is passionate about training students towards maturity in their faith to be best prepared to transition into their next step of work or college. The Kineo Institute believes that teaching students about God and His word is vital to letting God saturate every area of college-age student's lives. Our mission is to equip young adults to follow Jesus passionately.

Completing the Kineo Institute gap year program leads students in a direction they will want to follow for the rest of their lives. The goal is to prepare our students to live confidently, no matter where they head next.

Having the chance to help out in many different areas of ministry helps students grow in areas they may not have previously experienced. Our year-end Mission Trip to Guatemala allows students to take all they have learned through the year and apply it cross-culturally. The gap year classes and hands-on opportunities intentionally scheduled throughout the Kineo discipleship program make it an outstanding opportunity for those seeking to grow in their relationship with Christ and to figure out where He is leading them.

The Kineo Institute is not about taking a year off but a year UP. This intentionally designed year prepares the student to step into the next stage of their life confidently. The goal of the gap year is not to put off or delay college or responsibilities. Kineo is an excellent gap year program because the time is spent growing and learning to be equipped to be sent out into real life.

The Kineo Institute's vision is to build the next generation of Christian leaders by cultivating faith, nurturing intentional community by living together at Thousand Pines Christian Camp, providing experience in many internship opportunities, and forging character. While a part of the Kineo Institute, students will study, serve, work, and grow as they develop deep friendships and find belonging. The Kineo Institute gap year is about doing life together so that students can learn and grow in Christ as they are challenged and encouraged by their community. The life-long friendships that develop are crucial to a college-age student's walk with God.

Thousand Pines' gap year program is paving the way to build foundations centered on Christ before students enter into the next steps of their lives. College-age students have the opportunity to intentionally shape and develop the most effective next steps for their lives. Learning these leadership and development skills will be helpful as college students set the course toward college or careers in which God is their focus.

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