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Summer Camp is Back! // Program Update

It is so good to have students back in chapels! The sound of their cheers and praises is ringing through the trees again. Every morning and evening, people are raising their hands in worship. Every week, kids are making a first-time decision to follow Christ. Every morning, counselors tell dramatic stories of how the Lord is moving both in their students’ lives and theirs. God continues to be faithful to Thousand Pines.

Read these words of testimonies of some of the comments that we already have from this summer:

“Our students left loving Jesus and gripping His word significantly more than when they came! Thank you!”
"Our kids looked up to the staff. 8 of our 10 kids stood up."
“Lives were changed, including mine.”
"All of our girls either recommitted to Christ or accepted Christ for the first time."
“The energy of your staff makes the camp experience even more exciting."
“A few of our kids have decided to get baptized after camp.”

Though the Lord is doing a mighty work this summer, the work is not finished yet...

​Please join us in praying that students returning home keep the Lord at center stage in their lives despite the challenges they all face. Thank you!


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