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Tired of being indoors and staring at screens? Turn to the RECREATION PROS here at Thousand Pines and try a few of these games with your family in the back yard or on your driveway! Post a video/photo of your time and share it with us, by tagging @thousandpines or #thousandpines!

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Game: Gold Rush

Type: Easy, indoor or outdoor


  • “gold nuggets” - can be rocks or paper bags with amounts written on

  • a hideout place to stash your loot! A bucket, laundry basket, etc.

  • a designated “jail” location


  • Take the gold nuggets and hide them throughout the yard or even in your house.

  • Set up the jail location and the hideout spot to stash the loot.


  • Children try to collect as many gold nuggets as they can. The trick is they can only carry one “load” back to their hideout at a time.

  • If they get tagged or caught by parents (the sheriff) they must head to the jail where another parent/person (the jailer) makes them do a silly challenge before returning to the game. Only one adult? Looks like you’re the judge, jury, and... jailer!!

  • Set a time limit or a total number of bags and the most loot WINS!

Wanna Step it up?

  • Get costumes out and decorate your hideout and jail!

Game: Sidewalk Twister

Type: Easy, outdoor, messy upgrade option!


  • Chalk (red, blue, green, and yellow)

  • A Twister® spinner


  • In straight lines, draw circles of each color to play on mimicking a twister board


  • Just like standard twister, spin the wheel and call out what limb to put on different colors!

Wanna Step it up?

  • The messier the better! Ready with a hose? Put ketchup on the red spots, mustard on the yellow, relish on the green, and blue spots mean the caller throws some water balloons!!

Game: Minesweeper

Type: Easy, fun challenge, indoor or outdoor


  • Anything to lay on the ground to make a minefield “grid” on the ground (pillows, paper, overlapping ropes, or chalk some squares on the sidewalk!)


  • Lay out the grid

  • Write out a master way to cross through the minefield (keep this secret!)


  • One at a time, players try to cross the minefield by stepping on the squares. They can move forward, side to side, backward, or diagonal to cross the field.

  • There is only one right path across that the parents know. Once someone steps on a mine, they have to hop off, and it is the next child’s turn to make it across.

Wanna Step it up?!

  • The bigger the grid, the harder it is to cross! Try making the path harder for your children to cross. Try putting some

Game: Water kickball

Type: 4 or more, outdoors only


  • A kickball

  • Sprinklers

  • Kiddie pools (3)

  • Slip-n-slide tarp


  • Make a baseball diamond using the kiddie pools for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd base. Lay out a slip-n-slide from 3rd to home.

  • Set up the sprinkler near the slip n slide


  • Using standard kickball rules players will have to splash into the bases to stay safe. They also get to slide into home base! 🌊💥

Wanna Step it up?!

  • Put dish soap ALL OVER!!!

  • Using more slip-n-slides, or simple plastic sheet rolls with soap and water, place a slip-n-slide between each base and make everyone slide into EVERY base!

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