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Looking for more activities you as a family can do at home? Well, you've come to the right place! We've put together a few more fun and simple activities you can do at home with everyday household items!

Post a video/photo of your time and share it with us by tagging @thousandpines or #thousandpines!

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Game: Helium Hula Hoop

Type: Easy, indoor or outdoor


  • A hula hoop or long stick/broom handle

  • Your fingers


  • Each member of your family takes their index fingers and places it under the hula hoop or stick.

  • Starting from a standing position, lower the hula hoop to the ground without letting anyone's finger come off from the bottom of the hula hoop.

  • While this may sound easy, it is very tricky, and the hoop may rise higher than where you started!

Wanna step it up?

  • If it isn't challenging enough, try it blindfolded!

Game: Sock Mania

Type: Medium, indoor or outdoor


  • Two pairs of socks per player

  • An open circular or square space with clear boundary lines

  • Kids who like to wrestle

  • A referee

  • A 5 minute timer


  • Each player puts a pair of socks on their hands and feet (we prefer clean ones, but that depends on when laundry day is).

  • The object of the game is to be the last player with the most pairs of socks on their appendages at the end.

  • Starting in the center of the arena, players will wrestle, focusing on getting the socks off other players.

    • The referee's rules are final on what is or isn't allowed in the game.

  • Players who fall outside the arena must take off a sock.

  • Once players lose their socks, they will sit out and cheer for the other player who knocked them out.

Wanna step it up?

  • Make the arena smaller each round to find the ultimate winner!

Game: Water You Waiting For?

Type: Hard, outdoor


  • A storage-sized tub filled ¼ full of water

  • Players with socks


  • Each player lays down on their back in a circle. Placing their feet under the tub, they must work together to hold the tub of water steady in the air.

  • One foot at a time, each player will take off one sock. Then, moving clockwise, the next player will take off one sock. The others will follow and take turns holding the tub's weight, trying not to spill it.

  • The game ends when everyone has removed both pairs of socks or the waterfalls!

Wanna step it up?

  • Add more water to the bucket! The heavier it is, the harder it is to hold up.

Game: Shelter Building

Type: Easy, indoor or outdoor


  • Fort building supplies

  • Great attitudes


  • Gathering building materials, everyone will work together to create a shelter!

    • If outdoors, we encourage you to find natural resources to build your shelter, like logs, leaves, or palm branches.

  • Decide which type of shelter you would like to build. Lean-tos are a simple construct, while overhanging tarps may require some more skill.

Wanna step it up?

  • Try a more challenging shelter to build. This is a great STEM activity for families to try together!

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