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During this shutdown, Thousand Pines faced a choice - we could hibernate and put our ministry on hold or we could continue on with our mission to help people see, know and experience God. I am thankful for leadership that chose to continue serving. As Outdoor Education recognized that the public schools we normally serve this time of year would not be attending, we looked to our neighbors and the new challenges they were facing.

We very quickly recognize that working families were struggling to find a place for their children to complete their distance learning. Our team then launched Adventure Day Camp, a brand new program providing academic tutoring, spiritual development, and outdoor adventures in small stable groups. The need for this was never more clear than when a family managed to register using our online system before this new program was public. We knew right away that this would help to meet a need for our local families. What we are finding to be the greater need is for kids to be with other kids, so we are following state guidelines to do that safely.

Adventure Day Camp just surpassed 50 students enrolled and is still growing. Many of the students attending our program are attending public schools online yet because they are with us during those classes our staff are able to pray with them over their lunches and spend time during the day in God's word. Thousand Pines made a choice to continue ministry any way He would allow and I believe God has blessed that choice.

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