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Pastoral Retreat Space

This page is for our Retreat Space for Pastors, offered year round.

As a church leader you are a shepherd to your flock, which can be tiring work! Here at Thousand Pines, we want to thank you for your selfless work and give you a few days to rest. It's amazing what God can do and say in the quiet of the mountains. Taking a pastoral retreat may be what you need to get you ready for the next season of ministry.

The pastoral retreat is designed for the pastor and can be scheduled any day of the week. We will provide you with a 2-night, 5-meal stay in our recently renovated "Chappy's Cabin." The small cabin is tucked back in the woods of our Main Camp area. It has room for two, with a kitchenette, breakfast nook and living area, perfect for personal refreshment and rest.

This cabin is dedicated in honor of Lary and Donna Sharp for their years of selfless support of the ministry here at Thousand Pines. Lary served as Camp Chaplain for several seasons after his formal retirement from over 35 years in Pastoral ministry; and in that time, earned the affectionate nickname from the staff "Chappy".