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Kineo Institute

who we are.

Through the Kineo Institute our interns take nine months away from the stresses of finding work, money, and travels in order to focus on building a deeper rooting in their faith. Often these students are feeling led to the ministry and the program works as a boot camp of sorts before going out and pursuing this path. The students take two full days every week to focus only on the discipleship of Christ, as well as doing various homework/studies throughout the week. This leads the Kineo interns to learn intentional study in the word and how to put God as their priority.

All Christians are brought to faith by someone. As important as it is to have a mentorship of some kind, as Christians, we often just cruise off of whatever the other person's relationship with Christ is like. Whether it's a parent or a friend, we get attached to learning from only the mentor and not seeking our own personal relationship with our Ruler. Through Kineo, we strive to have each of our interns establish their own walk with God. Not only does this allow us a freedom from our mentors way of thinking but it also pleases Him, because He wants to have a intimate relationship with us. Making this leap to having your own walk with God makes all the difference in life and will lead to overflowing joy. Whether it's nine-months or nine minutes from our day, we could all benefit from taking some time to intentionally study the Lord.

{by: Vincent, Kineo Class of 16-17}

why we exist.

To equip God's people for works of service, so the body of Christ may be built up.
Eph 4:12


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September, 2016 - May, 2017