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Rustic Cabins

Our 10 rustic cabins are dispersed along a meandering path, just beyond the center of camp. Each cabin sleeps 12, and includes an adjustable heat thermostat, a sink and toilet. Shower houses are available just a short 20 yards from the cabins.

Rustics Details...

  • Located in Main Camp
  • Each cabin sleeps 12
  • Pairs well with all meeting spaces!


Overlooking the national forest and a spectacular view of Mount Baldy, the Cedars cabins house a total capacity of 112 guests. These 4 spacious duplexes sleep 14 to each side and include adjustable heat thermostats and full bathrooms.

Cedars Details...

  • Located near Parking Lot A
  • Each side sleeps 14
  • Pairs best with Whittier Worship Center

long beach lodge and lounge

This combined housing and meeting space can be a convenient set-up for many groups. The two-story lodge can sleep up to 63 people and includes a full bathroom on each floor.

LBL Details...

  • Located adjacent to the Dining Hall
  • Various dorm-style rooms sleep 63 total
  • Pairs well with lounge area meeting space, or any Main Camp meeting space

Log Cabin

The stunning lodge-style log cabin is constructed of logs cut and milled on Thousand Pines property. This large deluxe cabin can provide two separate sleeping quarters, housing 12 guests on each side, or can be opened to accommodate larger groups. The cabin also includes an additional private bedroom that can hold up to 6, and full bathrooms on each half of the building.

Log cabin details...

  • Located near Jensen Chapel
  • Each side sleeps 12, additional room sleeps 6
  • Pairs well with Jensen Chapel meeting space

Leadership Housing

Thousand Pines deluxe housing, typically reserved for leadership, offers a relaxing Bed and Breakfast style lodging. Rooms include bed linens and towels, toiletries and a snack basket. Oakwood and Pinewood, two deluxe suites located adjacent to the Big Oak Cafe, provide a cozy retreat for your pastor or speaker.

Mays Lodge is a spacious, two-story mountain cabin. The lodge consists of five suites, a full kitchen and living room. Guests can take advantage of the living room's comfy couches, fireplace and TV/DVD set.

Some retreat packages include leadership housing! Find out if yours does today!


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