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Build Your Retreat

$129 weekend special!

Thousand Pines is offering a discounted rate of $129 per person for a 2 night/5 meal stay. The classic Weekend Retreat Special includes 2 nights accommodation in our charming mountain cabins, 5 fantastic meals, and a meeting space with your specific multimedia needs to run your own program. Call for details 888-423-2267.

Call today and ask about our classic Weekend Retreat Special!

The basics

This section will take you through 3 basic steps to help prepare your retreat. It will help in communicating your vision to our Guest Relations staff as they help coordinate all the necessary details to make your retreat a success. Prayerfully go through the steps and by the end, you’ll be ready to make a reservation with the confidence that your group will experience everything you hoped would take place.

Step One: Big Picture

The first question to ask yourself or your leadership team is, “What is the purpose of this retreat?” Is it to do some activities that are intended to build group unity? Do you plan to lead an intense, introspective, solitary experience for your people? Or do you want a fun, full of activity, escape from daily life where you can reach non-believers in your group with the message of the gospel? Knowing the demographic of the people you are working with will be crucial here. That will influence your determination of what you intend to accomplish with you retreat. Once you have that question answered, you can move on to the next step.

Step Two: Spiritual impact

The next step is to consider your theme and curriculum. This step takes a bit of time to develop, but for now you just need to know the basics. What is the main “message” of this retreat experience? What is the primary goal you want all your participants to meet? How would you define success, in terms of what your people walk away with? Once you figure out the main theme, core curriculum, and main topics, you can move onto the next step.

Step Three: Make a Schedule

Once you know your purpose for the retreat, and once you know the main subject matter of your group times together, you can start to plan the schedule. First of all there are some basics EVERY GROUP at Thousand Pines needs. Everyone needs housing (if your program is an overnighter), meals (unless you make other arrangements), and a place to meet (depending on group size and goals of those meetings).

Housing: In terms of housing, we have several types of accommodations. By taking a look at our Guest Group Information sheet or taking our Virtual Tour, you can best pick which housing options will suit your needs. We have all types of accommodations available, from rustic tent style camping, to modest mid-grade cabin options, to Leadership Housing available for those VIPs you want to treat to a special room. Give us a call to see what housing we have available for your specific dates.

Meals: Thousand Pines has a reputation for serving great food at extremely reasonable rates. Included in your package will likely be 3 meals daily. Our meal times are subject to change, but we typically serve breakfast at 8:00, Lunch at 12:00, and Dinner at 5:30. We serve nutritious and well-rounded meals complete with drink stations, dietary options, and delicious desserts. Custom options are available, and with proper coordination with our Guest Relations staff, almost anything is possible! Check out the dining hall link for more information.

Meeting Spaces: We have several meeting spaces available to meet the custom needs of your group. We have everything from large group meeting areas like Jensen Chapel (400 max) and the main Amphitheater (500 max), to medium (100-150 max) and small (20-50 max) group spaces available. Priority to the larger venues is based on the size of your group. Almost all of our meeting places have the option of amplified sound and multimedia presentation. Whether you need a large area for general sessions, smaller spaces for break-out times, or just a place to have a fire and some intimate conversation, we’ll work to suit your needs.

Adding Activities: Once you get the basics of your schedule down (Housing, Meal times, and Meeting times), you can start to add activities. This is a good time to think about the demographic you're bring up to camp. If you’re working with children, you’ll likely want tons of activities with lots of structure involved. Reserving the recreation fields for specific times might be a good addition here. If you’re working with teens, you’ll likely want venues and hangout options available for them like the pool, skatepark, paintball, ropes course, Malt Shop, and Underground Rec Den. If you’re working with adults, you’ll likely want to plan for as many options available that build relationships. So having the Malt Shop and Coffee Shops open as often as possible, and having the dining hall available after hours for board games. Go back to Step One think about what your group would desire to experience the most, and then add activities that will be a hit and will work with your program. When you talk to our Guest Relations staff, see what options are available. Also, check out the "Explore" section of the website to get a feel for what we offer. As you put your group’s schedule together, make sure to plan activities that work with the rest of your schedule and meal times provided.

Additional Details to Consider: After getting through the previous steps provided and putting your basic schedule together, there are some final details you will need to consider. Other things to add-on and consider are Communion, Baptisms, and venues like the McKee Prayer chapel which can be used for spiritual exercises that add a special touch to your custom program. In addition, will consider with you the little details, such as drink stations, special snacks between meals, special needs guest amenities, break out rooms, health care facilities, and late night activities. We desire to meet all your needs to make your custom retreat a special experience as big as you can imagine. One of our Core values is “to Say Yes Whenever Feasible.” So go ahead, put us to the test. When you talk to our Guest Relations staff, feel free to request just what you need to make your retreat a memorable success.

We also appreciate service groups to help maintain and improve the grounds and facilities- we offer a $55 per person for a 2 night/5 meal Voluntary Service Retreat option (6-8 work hours, 30 person maximum. Call for more information!).

We are here to serve in whatever way we can, so feel free to bring your ideas and needs to our Guest Relations team at 888-423-2267