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Welcome center campaign!

The New Welcome Center Project is underway! Check out more information here.

Camper Scholarships

History has shown that Christian camping continues to be one of the most effective evangelistic experiences for young people in terms of hearing and responding to the lifesaving gospel message of Christ. Many of the youth that come to Thousand Pines are only able to do so with a little help. If camp played a powerful spiritual role in your life while growing up, we ask you to consider helping another young person share in that experience through a gift to our camper scholorship fund. If God has put it on your heart to help in this way, please contact us and we can set up a scholarship in your name or the name of a loved one. Thanks!

Your gift makes all the difference!

Since 1939, Thousand Pines Christian Camp and Conference Center has been ministering in the name of Jesus Christ to people across the Pacific Southwest and beyond. Tens of thousands have joined the Kingdom, countless others have renewed their walk, and many others are serving churches and on the mission fields across the world- all because they came to a place set apart where God spoke to their hearts.

Since 1939, people just like you have understood the vision of Thousand Pines, that vision to reach out to boys and girls, men and women, in the name of the Lord. Their response has been to share from their resources to further this ministry. We invite you to join them!

We believe that a Christian's first stewardship responsibility is to the local church. Yet, if you have been enabled to do more, please consider joining Thousand Pines' monthly giving programs. The Circle of Support is one great way to put your treasure where your heart is.

We are blessed each month by individuals who have felt led to give to the ministry of Thousand Pines each month. There are people all over the country who hold Thousand Pines close to their heart, and have given sacrifically to further God's work here. Nearly 20% of our ongoing operational expenses are covered through the generosity of people such as these. If you feel led to contribute to the work here at Thousand Pines, please contact us today- (888) 423-2267.


New Log Cabin Sponsorship

We are in the process of replacing our 100 year old rustic cabins with new log cabins made from logs we have salvaged from our camp property. Our first new log cabin was finished in 2009 and we have several to go! Your sponsorship of a new cabin is an eternal investment that will bless many people for years to come. Please contact Mike Pate, Executive Director at 888-423-2267 for more information on how you can help.

Walk of Faith

Leave your mark at Thousand Pines! Partner with us on our "Walk of Faith". It circles the iconic oak tree in center camp. This donation to the ministry of Thousand Pines will allow you to design a custom inscription for a brick in our Walk of Faith. Download the form here.